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Deb Richardson deb at linuxcare.com
Mon Jan 10 19:37:31 EST 2000

Erik Levy wrote:
> Deb,
> LinuxPower (linuxpower.org) has been doing news (in it's special favored
> way ;) for about 2 weeks now daily. While that's going great, one thing
> I don't see in our community is many women really out there interacting
> with the community via big websites. I know people like yourself have
> really helped get more women together and involved in the spirit of the
> community, but it's still few and far between (but getting better). I
> guess I'll get to my point :)
> In a few weeks LinuxPower will be looking for a hand or two to help
> Jeremy and myself deal with all the news and features we do. Since we
> are both going back to University pretty soon, we need some help. I've
> sort of wanted to have a female voice instead of an another guy's for a
> while now. I'm not really sure how to find that female voice. However,
> being I used to hang on linuxchiq for a bit, and I know there are some
> very smart women on the list, who also like to be active in the
> community, I figured I would go here first. I don't know if you would
> like to personally become involved, or if you want to (or would) mention
> this on the linuxchiq lists, but I would appreciate whatever you could
> do to help.
> Hope you had a wonderful New Year,
> -Erik
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