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Sounds great ... Does it do sync or can it just completely wipe a drive
clean and rebuild?  One of the reasons I was asking is because we use
several different OSes, often on the same computer.



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> >Is there something like this that includes support for Linux, too, which
> >would help in Samantha's case?  I think Ghost 6.0 now supports Linux, but
> >Week said there were a few bugs in 6.0.  I believe that many products can
> >image a Linux partition, but that it can't browse it, change it, or do
> >anything else interesting to it.
> Check out rsync. It's a linux tool, and is amazing. It's great if you have
> lab type system where the computer get fscked up on a regular basis,
> it'll make that drive to be an exact dup of the one you are syncing
> from. Here at SWAU we use rsync as a way to reinstall all the computers in
> our labs every night automatically. My boss and I had to install Win95,
> Office, Corel Office Suite, Netscape, and several other programs, on 15
> computers. If we'd one it one at time it'd taken us days, we did it in two
> hours.
> If you want more information about how we're using it, send Email to David
> Sowder at davids at cosmic.swau.edu.
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