[techtalk] Disk imaging software (was: Re: Other OSes on a Linux box)

Marlene E. Morley marlenem at neptune.css.swau.edu
Wed Jan 5 12:40:41 EST 2000

>Is there something like this that includes support for Linux, too, which
>would help in Samantha's case?  I think Ghost 6.0 now supports Linux, but PC
>Week said there were a few bugs in 6.0.  I believe that many products can
>image a Linux partition, but that it can't browse it, change it, or do
>anything else interesting to it.

Check out rsync. It's a linux tool, and is amazing. It's great if you have a
lab type system where the computer get fscked up on a regular basis, becusae
it'll make that drive to be an exact dup of the one you are syncing
from. Here at SWAU we use rsync as a way to reinstall all the computers in
our labs every night automatically. My boss and I had to install Win95,
Office, Corel Office Suite, Netscape, and several other programs, on 15
computers. If we'd one it one at time it'd taken us days, we did it in two

If you want more information about how we're using it, send Email to David
Sowder at davids at cosmic.swau.edu. 


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