[techtalk] POP mail security

srl slandrum at turing.csc.smith.edu
Fri Jan 7 13:18:34 EST 2000

On Fri, 7 Jan 2000, Linda Walsh wrote:

> 	It so happens this whole bit of POP security was going through
> my head as I was evaluating the idea of getting a service provider
> email address in case I moved jobs.  I requirement would be the ability
> to automatically (perl script) pull the messages from the POP3 account
> and store them on one of my in-home servers via my existing DSL 
> through my work.  I noticed the username/password transactions required
> and this got me to thinking about how insecure fetching POP mail was
> over the internet which got me to thinking about this very question --
> how to secure POP email.  Of course I'd have to explain it to a provider,
> likely, but the question and answer were timely.  

look up "APOP" (authenticated POP, i think--- basically, it lets you do a
secure/encrypted username/password login to pop). 

I asked this question awhile back and was told that ssh port forwarding
(basically, POP through an SSH tunnel) was the best way. but i haven't
researched that fully yet, so i'm not an authority.


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