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Fri Jan 7 09:51:16 EST 2000

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> > Most unix programs come with documentation.  Usually this is in the form
> of a man(ual) page.  These can be accessed with the man command.  More
> information is available by typing:
	I typed man on pop, pop3, imap and imap4 and they all came up
null.  Maybe I'm out in left field, but it seems your answer was designed
to preach that the user should go and search many useless (in regards to
this question) sources of information before asking here.  

	Maybe just a pointer to the correct information w/o the 
condescension would be more helpful -- or is this list only for 
'know-it-all' experts.  

	It so happens this whole bit of POP security was going through
my head as I was evaluating the idea of getting a service provider
email address in case I moved jobs.  I requirement would be the ability
to automatically (perl script) pull the messages from the POP3 account
and store them on one of my in-home servers via my existing DSL 
through my work.  I noticed the username/password transactions required
and this got me to thinking about how insecure fetching POP mail was
over the internet which got me to thinking about this very question --
how to secure POP email.  Of course I'd have to explain it to a provider,
likely, but the question and answer were timely.  

	I too wouldn't have *immediately* known where to go look for an
answer.  Asking for a pointer to the information is something I could
see myself doing if I didn't have 12 fullplates before that issue.

	The condescension was alienating and typical of the mindset "I got
mine and boy are you dumb for not having yours".  

	Everyone is always starting at the beginning of the knowledge they
don't yet know.  That doesn't mean they should be treated with disrespect.


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