FW: [techtalk] Other OSes on a Linux box

Cathy James cjames at opensite.com
Tue Jan 4 11:18:18 EST 2000

>>You may have driver problems.  Win9X and NT are both intended to be
>>installed only by OEMs -- and as such, they do a poor job of properly
>>configuring vendor-specific hardware.  If you have any "nongeneric"
>>hardware expect problems.
>	You said it, girl!  I *still* don't have my
>homebuilt box working correctly under 95, although it's "good enough"
>to use.  Some software absolutely demands protected mode drivers
>(for no good reason that I can see), and I have never been able to
>get all my protected-mode drivers to survive a single reboot after
>installation.  (And of course Win9X is unable to install a driver
>*without* a reboot -- yuck!)
>	Linux, of course, has not given me any significant problems.
>	All the statements floating around the net about the
>difficulty of installing Linux just crack me up.  Obviously few
>of those writing have ever tried to install Win9X or NT on nongeneric,
>non-OEM hardware.
>	--Cathy James

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