[techtalk] linux on mac hardware

Nils Philippsen nils at wombat.dialup.fht-esslingen.de
Tue Jan 4 15:05:56 EST 2000

On Mon, 3 Jan 2000, Renata wrote:

> Hello all, and happy New Year.
> Soon I'm going to get a Mac G3 into my collection of old (and not
> only) hardware.  Since I love so much debian, and not ready to trade
> in linux for Mac OS, I was wondering what linux distributions would
> run on mac hardware.

There's Yellow Dog Linux (www.yellowdoglinux.com) which got some bad
censures in the German IT-mag 'iX' because it can't be downloaded
completely and has some not so good documentation. Then there's LinuxPPC
(www.linuxppc.org) which can be d'l'ed completely and has got (according
to the article) an excellent handbook.

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