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Jeff phaedrus at thereactor.cleptoscastle.com
Fri Feb 25 18:41:29 EST 2000

On Fri, Feb 25, 2000 at 08:13:23PM -0500, RSSri at aol.com wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to mount msdos on linux.  I edited the fstab file to mount msdos. 
>  Would anybody please let me know if the "noauto" should be "auto" or 
> something else?  Also should the last set of numbers be 0 0 or 1 1?
> Thanks

The auto|noauto option tells mount whether or not to mount at boot time,
and if you don't want it mounted set it to noauto.

The numbers mean something too.  The first one is used by a backup
program called `dump', if you set it to 1, dump will back it up when
run (0 disables the backup, so set it to 0).  The second number is the
order to fsck the drives during boot up, a 0 means that it will not be
fsck'd (fsck is a utility equivalent to scandisk on windows & DOS), so
set this one to 0 also (or fsck will hose your DOS partition).

When you run mount, to mount the msdos partition, you only need to
specify the device name xor the mount point.  So, something like this:

$ mount /dev/hda1  #if hda1 is your dos partition
$ mount /mnt/dos   #if /mnt/dos is your mount point

A command that will do it without messing around with the /etc/fstab
file would look something like this:

$ mount -t msdos /dev/hda1 /mnt/dos 

Again, assuming hda1 is your dos partition, and that /mnt/dos is your
desired mount point.

I hope that helps.

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