[techtalk] A good intro textbook for Linux

Jenn V. jenn at simegen.com
Fri Feb 25 17:15:08 EST 2000

Kendra Engstrom wrote:
> I just finished reading Linux Network Administrator's Guide by O'Reilly.
> Great book.  The first part of the book was explaining things I already
> knew, but once I hit the end, it went into setting up Sendmail + IDA, NNTP,
> Netnews etc.  Someday hope to be a Network Admin, but since I've only hit 20
> and don't have much work experience, it's hard to get out there :/

Don't fret over it if you're just 20 - you've got plenty time!

Two methods of achieving your goal:

1. Get a formal qualification. (yeah, I know..)
2. Get to know your local geeks. Get known by them. (Linux Users 
Group, Linuxchix chapter - whatever you can.) 
	Get an entry level job in anything technical - preferably Unixy - 
	through them. (How? Become known. Help at installfests. Help at
	any local charity sysadminning stuff - even as a junior tech. And
	let them know you're after work. A note in the .sig can work. :) )

Good luck.

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