[techtalk] X Mail client recommendations

Rik Hemsley rik at kde.org
Mon Feb 21 03:12:27 EST 2000

#if Dan McGarry
> I too prefer to use a keyboard, all the time if possible. One of my main
> problems X and Windows is the poor (at best inconsistent) implementation of
> a keyboard interface. I can't tell you the number of times I've groaned in
> frustration when pressing ALT-W in the Default RH Netscape package, and
> watching it do precisely nothing. This in spite of the fact that the menu
> clearly indicates that this should work!

You might like Empath then. It uses keybindings that are as similar
to mutt as possible.

> [* Okay, in fairness, I can think of one: time. GUIs aren't built overnight,
> and developing standard aproaches to tasks can be a troublesome thing,
> especially in the world of proprietary software, where there's a strong
> *dis*incentive to look and act just like every other app. Yet another reason
> to like open source: there's some hope that a degree of consistency in
> appearance and behaviour can at last be achieved.]

Yep. Thing is, developers spend their time developing the hard stuff and
too often forget to worry about UI issues. This is why we need people
to watch what we're doing as we develop, otherwise we'll just ship
something with UI problems and not even notice, because we're already
used to the way the thing works.


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