[techtalk] virtual email hosts with sendmail

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Fri Feb 18 14:54:10 EST 2000

Have you tried putting both domains in your /etc/aliases file?

Stewart Larsen wrote:
> I work for a small comapny and we have about 6 domain names registered.  I need
> to set up virtual email domains.  the requirements are that the mail must appear
> to come from user at domain1.com or user at domain2.com and be able to check their
> mail from home.  I found a couple references on the web and even got O'Reilley's
> sendmail book, but none are very helpful.  It is one machine connected to the
> net with a static IP address on a DSL.  I have that domain aliased as
> for setting up the email domains.  I got the DNS set up so I can see mail.domain1.com
>  with an nslookup, but my emails to stewart at domain1.com get returned saying
> it couldn't establish a SMTP connection to mail.domain1.com.  any help would
> be greatly appreciated!

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