[techtalk] ICU troubles

Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Fri Feb 18 11:59:17 EST 2000

On Feb 18, Dan Nguyen conjectured:

> Your missing some more devel stuff.  As you see below your missing
> gnome-config and well without it your program wn't know where to find
> the panel-applet-devel stuff.	I'm not sure which rpm they would be
> available in :(

Hmm.  I do have the gnome-config stuff.  (I remembered to install it.  I
was so worried about getting the other libraries that I forgot where I
moved the rpm for gnome-devel and forgot to install it.  heh.)  But
anyway.  There were no other failed dependency errors that I saw.
According to te INSTALL file, I now have everything necessary to get it to
work.  (And I mean it this time.)  THey are:

* Gtk+, Gdk v1.1.2 or above
* Glib v1.1.3 or above
* X11R5 (or above) and libraries
* Linux kernel 2.0.x or greater
* Perl 5 (for running convertrc.pl script)
* Gnome v0.20 or above (for gnome support)

Maybe I need gnome-core-devel.  THat is the only one it wants...  (This is
a big pain in my arse, you know?  My modem freezes and stalls a lot after
a couple hundred K, and I'm using a 28K dialup.  *sigh*  Living out of
range for decent DSL and not having any other high-speed options sucks.)

So, why do programs need development libraries sometimes?  The reason I
don't usually bother to get devel-libraries is because I'm not a
developer.  I'm not a programmer, I don't know any programming languages
(though I'm working on larning my 3rd natural human language).  But then I
try to install a new program that needs them.  I don't get it.



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