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Welcome to the joys of beauracracy.  I think the only better one is when the 
system decides that you are deceased.  Try convincing the US government that 
you are, indeed, NOT dead.

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Unfortunately gender does matter. In 1972 I received a draft notice to go to
Viet Nam (lucky lottery winner...lol). Seems they misspelled my name. Being
(obviously) female did not matter and I had to have a genetic work up done
to prove that  I was indeed a  female. My birth certificate was not accepted
either. So much for living in this mans' world.


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		Is curiosity a good enough reason?  (:  And if gender
doesn't matter, what
		fun would going to a swimming pool be?  heh.
		C Dale

		On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, srl wrote:

		> On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Tania Morell wrote:
		> > > Rik
		> > >
		> >
		> > It really is very hard to decipher who is male and
		> > female by their name.  Some names are not so obvious.
		> > Sorry about this but if you had spelled your name with
		> > a 'c', I may have assumed one thing.
		> why does it matter who's male, female, or other? I'd have
to say
		> that one of my personal goals as a feminist is to have
		> not matter at all... but some of you seem to feel
		> can you explain why?
		> shane
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