[techtalk] SuSE -> Mandrake?

moebius at ip-solutions.net moebius at ip-solutions.net
Tue Feb 15 13:52:14 EST 2000

Hey Stewart,
  RH just started using the one config file (apache has been using it for 
the past 2 releases), it was recently updated on
their ftp server. Before then they used the 3 file schema
(httpd.conf,srm.conf, access.conf). This was one of the first things that
came to mind. Over on the IMP mailing list this has alot of new people
confused. They are using an unupdated rpm and have 3 conf files instead of

On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Stewart Larsen wrote:

> actuall, I downlaoded the source from apache and rebuilt it from scratch for
> our webserver at work and it generates one httpd.conf file.  Maybe apache
> uses one file, not just redhat's apache.

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