[techtalk] SuSE -> Mandrake?

GJS g_jay_s at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 14 23:05:58 EST 2000


I think some of the negative comments about Mandrake are a bit
harsh, but since I'm not a technical expert I could be wrong.
Also, I can't tell you anything about Mandrake as a server since
I'm using it as a desktop system. However, I can comment on a
few things.

I don't think you'll find Mandrake's file system any more
"correct" than what you already have. I base that on the fact
that, 9 times out of 10, when I try to do something from a
howto, it doesn't work. (I'm sure it's nothing *I'm* doing
wrong. ;->)

For me, the biggest problem with Mandrake is the very fact that
it is optimized. Although I've generally found that Redhat apps
work fine on Mandrake, some won't--only the Mandrake version
will work (KDE is the most notable example). I know there are
certain system files that also fit into this category. That
means you have to wait for Mandrake to update the files--you
can't slap in any rpm or tarball. You may find this limiting.

There is some truth to the comments about odd behaviour.
Recently, I wanted to upgrade Window Maker 0.60 to 0.61. I
donwloaded the Mandrake version and tried to install it. The
system wanted me to change 3 or 4 libraries, even though I'm
using Mandrake 6.1, a recent version. Just to see what would
happen, I downloaded a Redhat i386 version of Window Maker 0.61
and tried that. It went on fine without a peep of protest.

If you really want a more correct distro, perhaps you should
look at the latest Debian when it comes out. I intend to. Maybe
then those howto's will work for me.

Glen Strom
g_jay_s at yahoo.com
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