[techtalk] SuSE -> Mandrake?

Shad Young shad at review-guru.com
Tue Feb 15 00:01:07 EST 2000

I would have to second that assesment.


moebius at ip-solutions.net wrote:
> Hey Linda,
>   Just an opinion not really an answer. Why go with Mandrake? Yeah the
> kernel is optimized for Pentium and greater, this is something you could
> do for yourself. It's not to hard and if you have the docs in front of you
> it makes it a little easier.
>   Mandrake, again just my opinion, is the Microsoft of Linux. Yeah they've
> got 'pretty'graphical config utils, but they release products that are
> almost completely broken. Bad sym links, incorrect dep's, services not
> ready to run 'out of the box' etc. Plus their supposed compatibility with
> RH is just that, supposed. I would recomend RH, Debian, Caldera before I
> would Mandrake. Even Slack which is still the hackers linux.
> My $.02.
> Harry

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