[techtalk] 1st time adding a modem to linux.

Tania M. Morell tania at shadow.net
Mon Feb 14 21:28:31 EST 2000


Thanks a lot for all the responses..   Getting all this help is really
cool.  Here are some answers to your questions.

--Um.. Why are you using 'uart 16450' ? IIRC that's for old, slow
--serial ports and new machines should have 16550.

I have a program called 'CheckIt' and it tells me that the modem's UART
is 16540. That's the only reason I used that number. My modem's
specifications don't refer to a UART at all.

--It's a pci modem, so it should get an irq given to it 
--automagically unless you play with your BIOS. This means you 
--just have to find it :)

There's a file "/proc/pci" which tells me it's on irq 5 now and that
it's first i/o address is something like 0xe400000.  I've tried these
with setserial to no avail.

--What other serial devices do you have ?

I have no other serial devices and both serial ports are disabled so the
com1&2 ports and irq's3&4 are free. 

--There is, of course, the possibility it's a 'winmodem' but I
--don't know which modems are and aren't.

The manufacturer doesn't refer to the modem as a 'winmodem'. But it
could still be incompatible with linux..  I've spent hours trying to
find out but I can't come to a conclusion from the information I've

--cua refers to a callout device.

What's a callout device?

--(IMHO hardware modems will ALWAYS be much better)....USR 
--all the way!

What's IMHO?         :)  Excuse my ignorance.  :(

Thanks for all the URL's !!  I will look at them tonight and let you
know what I find.

byw, I was kindof wondering whether or not "Ji" is a male or female
name.  ;)


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  tania at shadow.net

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