[techtalk] Installing New rpms using COAS

Rik Hemsley rik at kde.org
Mon Feb 14 23:43:55 EST 2000

#if SallyCalich at aol.com
> Hello All;
> I'm trying to install some new apps under Caldera OpenLinux 2.3 using KDE's 
> COAS and keep getting dependency errors.
> Here's a sample of the error message I get...
> need libc.so.6(GLIB_2.0)
> I think this is referring to some C libraries?
> Where can I find these for download?
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks   

I have a feeling it is looking for glibc 2.0 while I would guess
perhaps your version is 2.1

You can check this by doing 'rpm -q libc'.

On my (SuSE 6.3) system this gives:

So I'm using 2.1.

If this is what your problem is you can either:

a) use the --nodeps option to rpm (don't know how to do this from COAS as
   I haven't used it)


b) Install glibc version 2.0 from your CD, if it exists. It should in
   theory sit side-by-side with 2.1 and work.

Personally I'd just install with --nodeps (= ignore dependencies).

I have installed a few packages that claim to need 2.0 but work
fine with 2.1.


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