[techtalk] mail format (was re: ftp for non users)

Lindsay Walker lindsay.walker at portfolio.co.uk
Mon Nov 29 15:33:14 EST 1999

>  I'm using Outlook, not Outlook Express.
>  I did find a switch somewhere that purported
> to turn off formatting, but it doesn't work correctly.
> What do you expect from an MS product?

In Outlook98, the option is under Tools: Options: Mail Format. There is a
drop down list of 'Send in this message format:' which you can set to Plain

I can't say I'm surprised that you've had problems with it though. It's the
good old 'Microsoft knows best' approach isn't it. The 'I know you've chosen
that option but I know what you REALLY mean to do is ...'

Oh well.

<I just tried to send this using Outlook98 and I couldn't as it said I was
out of memory or system resources! This is on a machine with 132MB of RAM
and 3GB free HD space and just after a reboot! Don't you just love how
compatible Microsoft's applications are with their own OS?>

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