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Steve Kudlak chromexa at ovis.net
Sat Nov 27 21:23:07 EST 1999

jenn at simegen.com wrote:

> Steve Kudlak wrote:
> >
> > Isn't denying ssh, going to extreme?
> If all you're doing is hosting web pages, why do users need shells?
> Most of the end-users I know (I'm talking non-savvy end users) prefer
> just to click on the 'upload this page with FTP' button on their
> page creator program.
> A bare few - the ones who handmake their pages or handedit them after
> the page creator is done - are happy FTPing them up themselves.
> I have *ONE* who wanted a shell account. One.
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I should answer this when I am more awake and less stuffed with food and drink.
Plus trying to figure out the the glories of a plug and play (supposedly
backup). But they are useful, when one has a myriad of things to do and they
give you better access. So I would inquire if the person knew why they wanted
the shell account and act according. Probably the best policy. I routinely
avoid anything that won't give me me a shell account. PERL does do nice things,
and it was always nice to bounce in and out of the shell and check things out.
I just consider essential elsewise it's working with one hand tied behind your
back. Pure web hosting I agree with you 100%, mixed situation I respectfully
disagree. Lots of use for shell accounts, if one is more than a surfer.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

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