[techtalk] Users and everything?

Sunnanvind dodsangel at himlen.com
Sat Nov 27 15:14:18 EST 1999

>	That's actually a VERY large question.  The quickest answer I can give
>is that most if not all of your config files will be in the /root
>directory and start with a dot ".", as in ".filename".  Also there will
>be directories that start with a dot.  You're going to want to copy all
>those files, and everything in the directories to your new user folder
>"cp -R /root/.??* /home/<new user>/" and then copy the "nsmail" folder
>if you use Netscape for email.

Thanks, but.. how can I connect to the internet when I'm not root?
The modem starts dialing, and then I get a "the ppp deamon died unexpectedly".
When I'm root, everythings fine.
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