[techtalk] Users and everything?

Tsaroth Blackhand ccsu0301 at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 26 21:12:06 EST 1999

Sunnanvind wrote:
> I'm currently logging in as root, but I've been told 9 times that that's a bad
> idea. So how can I move all mail email settings, KDE desktop settings and so on
> to my recently added user (myself)?
> Thanks in advance, Sunnan.
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	That's actually a VERY large question.  The quickest answer I can give
is that most if not all of your config files will be in the /root
directory and start with a dot ".", as in ".filename".  Also there will
be directories that start with a dot.  You're going to want to copy all
those files, and everything in the directories to your new user folder
"cp -R /root/.??* /home/<new user>/" and then copy the "nsmail" folder
if you use Netscape for email.  If you use something else for email look
around, it'll have a folder somewhere.  Now everything is in the right
folder, but it's owned by root still.  So you have to chown "chown -R
<new user> /home/<new user>" and chgrp "chgrp -R <new user> /home/<new
user>" everything to the new user.  And now, barring any supernatural
events, or typos on either of our parts everything should work for you
under the new user.

P.S. I put the 2 qestion marks in the copy command to require everything
copied to have at least 2 characters other than the dot.  When I tried
it without them on my machine it started copying "..", and that would be

Chris Hargens

techtalk at linuxchix.org   http://www.linuxchix.org

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