[techtalk] My opinion on Corel Linux...

Norma narmstr at netzero.net
Wed Nov 24 18:02:23 EST 1999

I think it still has alot of work before it becomes completely user
friendly. I am familiar with Redhat and I still had problems with Corel
Linux. I loved the file manager and the boot manager. I didn't care for the
disk partitioning utility. It cannot handle extended partitions. I couldn't
reuse partitions already created with Partition Magic. I had to delete those
and recreate them. I even (I'm still not sure how it happened), screwed up
one of my Windows partitions (never did that with any other partitioning
utility). However I didn't have any important data lost (backups :) ). I
never got the dialer to work. It would connect and then hang up. I tried
setting options in my ppp options file it still didn't help. The autodetect
said I had a ethernet (I don't). I couldn't disable it - I found no obvious
option for it. All my familiar Redhat tricks didn't work. I added some
commands to my profile file that I normally do for Redhat. For some strange
reason they didn't work under Corel Linux. So there was no way I could set
my modem to the correct IRQ. I could not get the printer to work either.
Anyways even though it looks great and all and has potential it's not easy
to use yet. Maybe in an update or 2. I'm back to Redhat.
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