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franzoni at edisons.it franzoni at edisons.it
Thu Nov 25 00:23:52 EST 1999

On Wed, 24 Nov 1999, Maureen Lecuona wrote:

> I have been running linux exclusively on laptops since 1994.  It's not so bad. 
> Most of the time the problems center around sound, pcmcia, and as usual, the
> XFREE Configuration file.  
> I have run on Toshiba (tecra, libretto) and Ibm Thinkpads (2 770's , and 
> a 755).  None have given me any really great difficulties.

I'm writing from a Texas Instruments (former, now Acer) Extensa 355. It's
quite an old model, no CD-ROM, no TFT, but it works splendidly with linux.
I have an 800x600 full screen display (windows - which lasted just 1 hour
on it :-) - had an ugly small screen), pcmcia works fine (I'm reading mail
via an ethernet pcmcia adapter) and sound is ok. 

A resource to check (not for buying, but for compatibility checking) is 


they collect info about many laptop models and Linux


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