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Maureen Lecuona lecuona at paul.rutgers.edu
Wed Nov 24 17:50:46 EST 1999

I have been running linux exclusively on laptops since 1994.  It's not so bad. 
Most of the time the problems center around sound, pcmcia, and as usual, the
XFREE Configuration file.  

I have run on Toshiba (tecra, libretto) and Ibm Thinkpads (2 770's , and 
a 755).  None have given me any really great difficulties.

Maureen Lecuona

Nicole Zimmerman wrote:
> Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun wrote:
> >
> > I'm looking into buying a laptop.  So far I've looked at Dell and Sony.
> > I'd consider a powerbook, if I knew I could get software for it (linux,
> > that is.)  Does anyone know of companies that sell laptops with linux
> > installed?  I don't want to have to pay for more miscrosoft if I  don't
> > have to.  I've set an upper limit around $2000 (US).
> > Thanks
> You'd probably be hard pressed to find a recent (g3) powerbook for less
> than $2000, unless you're thinking iBook. Ours (g3 333) was right around
> $3000 with academic discount and slight modifications (more RAM, bigger
> hard drive, etc). Putting linux on it is an adventure, but not nearly
> impossible. The screen is huge, the sucker is fast, and the graphics
> card isn't bad (ati rage pro). No pre-installed linux (or at least it
> would be very very difficult to find that way).
> I don't know of any PC companies offhand that sell laptops with linux
> pre-installed (or at least no OS, which would be better than Windows if
> you were just going to scrap it anyway). I thought Dell was beginning to
> offer such a deal, and Dell is a pretty good company to deal with (with
> very good hardware... hubby has one person in his 'domain' using one and
> they have never had a problem, don't even ask about gateway).
> -nicole
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