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franzoni at edisons.it franzoni at edisons.it
Thu Nov 25 00:20:21 EST 1999

On Wed, 24 Nov 1999, Nicole Zimmerman wrote:

> If you can serve mail from your linux box, I'd imagine your win98 box
> could read from it. Most mail programs will not know what address the
> mail came in to and thus when you send out mail it'll all come from the
> same address.
> For example, you have incoming mail with:
> account1 at foo.com
> account2 at bar.com
> If you read mail through most windows news readers you need to choose an
> address for your mail to come from... (your from: ), but it can only be
> one (say you choose account1 at foo.com). I don't know of a windows news
> reader who would say recognise
> 	To: account2 at bar.com 
> and say "well, it looks like that's what I need to say my From: is in
> the response instead of the default account1 at foo.com".

Mmm... that can be avoided creating one user on the linux box each account
and using any multiple-account window mail reader (such as netscape mail)


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