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Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Wed Nov 24 14:36:46 EST 1999

Kathleen Weaver wrote:
> This may be a dumb question -- but can I set up my Linux box to fetch mail from all my POP mailboxes and hold it?  Then can I use my Win98 box to read it when I get home?  And will the Windows email program still know which address it was sent to when I answer it, so it will go out to the right mailbox?  Or read it with the Linux box and send it out to the right way?
> What packages would I need?

You might check out fetchmail ;o)

Fetchmail is a free, full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mail
retrieval and forwarding utility intended to be used over on-demand
TCP/IP links (such as SLIP or PPP connections). It supports every
remote-mail protocol now in use on the Internet: POP2, POP3, RPOP, APOP,
KPOP, all flavors of IMAP, and ESMTP ETRN. It can even support IPv6 and
If you can serve mail from your linux box, I'd imagine your win98 box
could read from it. Most mail programs will not know what address the
mail came in to and thus when you send out mail it'll all come from the
same address.

For example, you have incoming mail with:
account1 at foo.com
account2 at bar.com

If you read mail through most windows news readers you need to choose an
address for your mail to come from... (your from: ), but it can only be
one (say you choose account1 at foo.com). I don't know of a windows news
reader who would say recognise
	To: account2 at bar.com 
and say "well, it looks like that's what I need to say my From: is in
the response instead of the default account1 at foo.com".

PINE does this with roles. There are PC version of PINE, or you can just
use the linux version...there are probably a few other linux mailers
that use something similar to roles. It will recognise that "To:
account2 at bar.com" and change your from to "From: account2 at bar.com". If
something isn't recognised in a role, it will come from your default
(either no role or your default role).


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