[techtalk] Alternatives to Star Office/MS Office

Ian Hall-Beyer manuka at nerdherd.net
Wed Nov 24 11:20:55 EST 1999

On Wed, 24 Nov 1999 11:10:07 -0500, Caitlyn Martin wrote:

>Well... there are other alternatives you can look at.  The newest option
>(due out 1q2000) will be Corel WordPerfect Suite 2000.  There's also

Applixware is absolutely horrid. The key here is compatibility with M$
file formats, and Applix isn't up to the task.

>If application cost is really the issue, KOffice looks like it will be quite

But will it run on Win32 and solaris?

>Opera is not free, nor is it open

Nor is it available for linux (RSN!) One of these days... I rather
liked opera under OS/2.


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