[techtalk] TERMCAP

sara korhonen ceres at intter.net
Mon Nov 22 21:16:16 EST 1999

> Taking a peek at /etc/termcap shows this interesting tidbit (from esr, no 
> less):
> # (screen3: removed unknown ":xv:LP:G0:" -- esr)
> screen3|VT 100/ANSI X3.64 virtual terminal:\
> 	:km:mi:ms:\
> 	:co#80:it#8:li#24:\
> 	...

> I would guess that you're seeing the error message that esr did.  How old is 
> your installation, anyway?
> If there are xv, LP, etc, in the screen definition in your /etc/termcap, then 
> try removing them.

i'm actually running freebsd, cvs version. and i took a peek to 
/etc/termcap and what comes to it, i didn't find LP, nor xv 
mentioned there anywhere. GO was mentioned ONCE. i'm grateful for 
your help, but at least yet i couldn't figure out why this puter is 
complaining about that. most likely it's some bug or feature [ ;) ] 
in this cvs version and will be fixed later on, but i was just 
curious if anybody else had run into this error message and knew how 
to fix it. but as said, most likely some bug in the cvs.

but thanks anyway for you effort, jeff :)


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