[techtalk] Problems w/Gimp

Darren Osadchuk osadchuk at pangea.ca
Sat Nov 20 01:30:42 EST 1999

I'm having some odd colour problems with Gimp (and Wordperfect, it turns
out). When I start Gimp, I get a message which reads, "Unable to allocate
sufficient colormap entries. Try exiting other color intensive
applications." The Gimp window then appears in purple (which it shouldn't
be). Clicking on it will make it turn into the proper grey, but everything
else on the screen goes wacky. As soon as I move the mouse, everything
reverts to its normal (screwed up) status. When I start WP, I get the 
message "Cannot allocate colormap entry for default background" and the
WP document window is in black and white. Any explanations as to what's
causing this would be most welcome.

Also, I'm running Gnome as my wm, and my backspace key is acting like a
delete key. My delete key is acting as it should.


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