[techtalk] Install from floppies

Alain Toussaint alain at cyber-horizons.com
Fri Nov 19 02:04:01 EST 1999

> Debian seemed to need rather more than just one floppy: I think
> I had eight in all: the rescue floppy and a series of seven floppies
> in order....

it's 9 floppy,the rescue floppy,the driver floppy and the 7 base floppy,the
only CD installation i've done was my first,every other one where by ftp
and/or http (currently),it's quite easy to do it it with an internet
connection but much better of if you're on Cable/Adsl/T1 than dial-up
(currently dial-up but i do it at night),but i don't recommend it if your
network is on DHCP addressing as there's no DHCP support in the stable disk.

Alain Toussaint

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