[techtalk] shameless plug, and a call for contributors

Deb Richardson deb at thepuffingroup.com
Thu Nov 18 00:47:55 EST 1999

Hi all.

As some of you may know, I run another open-source related project
called the Open Source Writers Group (http://www.oswg.org).  If I seem a
little distant at times, it's probably because I'm drowning in a sea of
markup and writing :)

Many people in LinuxChix are extremely knowledgable when it comes to
Linux and other open-source software.  Just following the various
threads on "techtalk" is proof of this.  Many of you could make
extremely valuable contributions to the OS community by writing down
some of what you have learned about Linux and Open Source and sharing it
with others.  

As it happens, the OSWG is (always) actively looking for people to
contribute free open-source and open-content documentation.  You don't
have to be the best writer in the world.  You don't have to know
anything about document formatting or SGML.  The OSWG has volunteer
editors and SGML specialists who take care of all that.  

The OSWG isn't just about purely technical documentation, either.  Alan
Cox and Alessandro Rubini have both contributed articles that address
some of the "philosophy" of Open Source.  Kirrily Robert recently
contributed her "Advice to Mailing List Owners".  If you've written
something related to Open Source and you're willing to release it under
an open-source or open-content license, the OSWG would be proud to add
it to its growing documents library.

If you're interested in becoming a contributor, let me know.  I'll do
whatever I can to help.  I also invite anyone who is interested in doing
writing, editing, proofreading, translating, or markup to join the OSWG
mailing lists (sub info is available through the site).

Okay, that's my shameless plug out of the way.  I hope some of you will
consider sharing your knowledge with the rest of the community.  Now,
back to our regularly scheduled programming ;>

- deb

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