[techtalk] using ppp as non root user

Jenn V. jenn at simegen.com
Fri Nov 19 00:53:39 EST 1999

Matthias Holschneider wrote:
> Here is a maybe stupid question of a newcomer:

> I would like to be able to lance as normal user some script that does all
> the dialing in for me and sets up the ppp connection readt to use some
> internet applications. In particular I do not want to communicate my login
> and password for the ppp server to all normal users.

Perhaps write (or find) a script that can be set to setuid 
root for the purpose of opening the ppp connection.
Once the connection is opened, I /believe/ anyone on the box
should be able to use it.

More detailed information can be dredged out of my brain if 
necessary - I'm /usually/ better at providing hints and clues
to start looking than at providing the details, but if details
are needed I'll open man pages and drum them up. :)

Of course, if you have the right sort of net connection you 
can just set the ppp script to run on startup and remain up
the whole time the machine is booted... <grin>

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