[techtalk] using ppp as non root user

Matthias Holschneider Matthias.Holschneider at univ-rennes1.fr
Thu Nov 18 13:50:34 EST 1999

Here is a maybe stupid question of a newcomer:

After successful installation of the ppp software and my modem I am faced
with the following problem: I want to open the ppp connection as a non
root user and use internet programs like netscape, telnet, ftp ... .
For the moment I have two possibilities to do so.

1) I can as normal user use minicom to log into the remote ppp server. Now
leaving minicom without killing the daemon pppd I can use my connection.

2) as root I can lance the ppp-on script in the background and I am set.

I would like to be able to lance as normal user some script that does all
the dialing in for me and sets up the ppp connection readt to use some
internet applications. In particular I do not want to communicate my login
and password for the ppp server to all normal users.

Thank you for your help,

Matthias Holschneider

Matthias.Holschneider at univ-rennes1.fr

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