[techtalk] Tar file splitting

Matthias Holschneider Matthias.Holschneider at univ-rennes1.fr
Wed Nov 17 15:28:09 EST 1999

On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, Xavier Gutierrez Munoz wrote:

> Sorry for asking such a newbie's question but I don't know how to split a
> tar file to fit a set of floppies. I just want to get my october's read
> mail out of the server via ftp but I want to pack and compress it before I
> do that.
> Alternative is downloading it and compressing later using WINZIP
> (aaaargh!). This is 'cuz I connect to my server (Debian Linux) from
> Faculty (Windows 98).
> Thanx in Advance.
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Hi Xavier,

have a look at the unix command  split.  man split is a good place to

split -b1000k your.file 

will generate files xaa, xab, ... each (execpt the last on) of size 1000k.
To assemble them again just make

cat xaa > your.new.file
cat xab >> your new.file  #mind the >>
cat xac >> your.new.file 

and so on. 



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