[techtalk] Tar file splitting

franzoni at edisons.it franzoni at edisons.it
Wed Nov 17 11:53:33 EST 1999

On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, Xavier Gutierrez Munoz wrote:

> Sorry for asking such a newbie's question but I don't know how to split a
> tar file to fit a set of floppies. I just want to get my october's read
> mail out of the server via ftp but I want to pack and compress it before I
> do that.

you can create a single tgz file and split it using split (!). Then you
can copy each block in a floppy, and concatenate it again using cat. 

There is also the -M option of tar, but it works only if you have access
to the floppy device on the mail server (it creates multivolume
non-compressed archives, but it must have access to the floppy to decide
how large each part should be).


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