[techtalk] StarOffice and Gnome installation issues

Karl-Heinz Zimmer khz at snafu.de
Mon Nov 15 21:36:54 EST 1999

On 11/15/99, 1:36:10 PM, Cathy wrote:

> Hmm.  I have 128M, but I have not gotten around
> to setting up any swap partitions.  With 128M,
> the need was not pressing. :-)  Perhaps I'm simply
> running out of memory during the install.  I'll
> have to create a 256M swap partition and try it again.

My PC here at home has got no more than 104MB RAM and StarOffice runs 
very fine from under Windowmaker or KDE resp..

I do not believe that the RAM question has much to do with our 
specific problem here but of course i don't use other RAM Eaters 

Anyway, I hope we will be able to find out the reason soon...

Best greetings,

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