[techtalk] bind problem...and a sendmail one, too

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Sun Nov 14 20:12:32 EST 1999

Jeff Dike wrote:
> > Is there something I am missing here? Here's what I have:
> > crond.pid (according to /var/run/crond.pid) is 328
> I was trying to be fancy with the "-e trace=network" bit.  It looks like the
> interesting system calls aren't captured by "trace=network".
> Try this: strace -p <cron pid> -f -o strace.out
> Let the error happen, then look in strace.out for a
> write(..., "Address already in use", ...),
> look for the syscall just before it that returned EADDRINUSE or 98, look
> operations that happened on the file descriptor that the error happened on.

hmm... no EADDRINUSE or 98 in the whole file

this is what happens (well an example, the ESPIPE eror is constant):

15242 _llseek(0x5, 0, 0, 0xbffff76c, 0x1) = -1 ESPIPE (Illegal seek)
15242 read(5, "bind: Address already in use\n", 4096) = 29

> Those will tell you something about what's going on with that socket.
> I don't at all guarantee that this will tell you what you're really interested
> in knowing, but you find out lots of stuff that you didn't know about :-)

definitely interesting :o)


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