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Amos Hayes ahayes at polkaroo.net
Sat Nov 13 13:34:02 EST 1999

On Fri, 12 Nov 1999, K. Ziel wrote:

> So...is there an easier way than running through that entire config again? 
> also..i've run xsetres on solaris before, but didn't seem to be able to find
> anything similar on my system (redhat)

Run "Xconfigurator" as root on redhat based systems. Note: If you choose
more than one resolution, it will start in the smallest and set the
"virtual" desktop size to the largest. "CTRL ALT +" will cycle through the
resolutions you've chosen once you start X.

I find it easiest to only chose one resolution/bitdepth combo. Then I
don't have to fiddle everytime I start X.

BTW... That's the second time I've replied to a post and asked a question
that was answered in the original post. I must be slipping. Sorry about


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