[techtalk] Thanks! and PDF files

Walt pippin at fred.net
Sat Nov 13 11:57:00 EST 1999

At 09:55 PM 11/12/99 -0600, Stephan Zaniolo wrote:
>	Now I have a new question.  (This one's for my own comp :^)  Does anyone
>know where I can get a tool to (easily) create PDF files in Linux?  (Note:
>cheaper is better. ;^)

The only reason I know the answer to this one is because I
asked the same question a few weeks ago :-)

Everyone tells me Ghostscript (which is free and comes with Redhat)
creates PDF from PostScript files.

I'm not sure exactly how anymore, but the man page should be able
to tell you something. (and other people on this list...)



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