[techtalk] more netscape woes...

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Fri Nov 12 13:37:24 EST 1999

>         I should have warned you about that; sorry.  I've
> been assuming all along that you were running netscape from
> the command line.

Oh, I figured that out after changing CLASSPATH and reloading netscape
once, and thought about it. I asked the other end of the couch what he
thought, but he said "uhh I donno ask someone else". Seems when things
are all over, *I* will be the one he asks for help from (I'm sure I
could spend a day on this complaint!).

It took an extra couple of minutes (while doing other things) to work
out the logic of things (duh, don't load from window manager, that uses
old terminal and won't show me anything).

>         I'm glad you got it to work, but this confirms that Netscape
> is broken.  This is *not* how CLASSPATH is supposed to work; it's
> supposed to be a colon-separated list of *directories* in which
> .jar and .class files can be found.  Netscape isn't playing by
> the java rules.
>         I just confirmed this on my Sun at work; CLASSPATH
> only contains directory paths, not full paths including jar
> file names.

That's what I thought it should contain, considering somethingPATH would
be the PATH to find something following convention. Netscape, it seems,
doesn't like conventions and can't look for one stinking file. This is
quite frustrating. If I choose to begin working on java myself, it'll be
a big bummer for netscape. Not having in-browser java isn't a big deal,
just a slight inconvenience. Given the other two non-linux-os-inclusive
machines around here, it's not much of a problem unless the DH decides
to take over both.

Now to fix the missing applet problem. *sigh* Where's mozilla when you
need it.


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