[techtalk] more netscape woes...

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Thu Nov 11 16:00:38 EST 1999

Telsa Gwynne wrote:
> source .bash_profile            (or whichever file it's in)
> Pardon me if this was something obvious and you did it. But I
> forget that often enough...

Yeah... I did it the easy way and exited the terminal/relog-ed in ;o)
I'll remember that for next time though. I could never remember how to
make .bashrc re-execute itself.

> I also recall I had some trouble with my .bash_profile once when
> restarting X which was something to do with X kindly remembering
> my old .bash_profile when I restarted X (grr!) after I had edited
> the file from within X. I'm not sure this makes too much sense: it
> certainly doesn't make sense on re-reading it. But if that rings
> a bell to anyone, perhaps they can explain what might have been
> going on there. (I was trying to correct an incorrect PGP_PATH;
> it still looked in the old place after I restarted X. Something
> like that. It was odd.)

You're right... and that was one of my major frustrations. About halfway
through, the lightbulb went off in my head and I said "wait a minute...
what if I spawn x from an xterm which I know has read the
.bashrc/profile correctly??"

;o) I'm going to have to restart X if I want the fix to be permanent...
I guess what I want to make sure of is that the fix really IS a fix :o)

Nicole :o)

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