[techtalk] more netscape woes...

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Thu Nov 11 15:43:56 EST 1999

this is from the 4.51 release notes, I don't have any for 4.7 in

Java Applet support is available for all Unix platforms.
To run Java applets with the Java-enabled version, Communicator
needs to be able to load Java class files from a file called
java40.jar.  This file is included in the distribution, and is
searched for using the following algorithm:

if($CLASSPATH environment variable is set)
	Look at $CLASSPATH, where $CLASSPATH is a
	colon-delimited list of <path>/<jar-file> entries.
	Search in order:
	   <program directory>
If you were running Java with an earlier version of the Netscape   
Navigator, you need to replace your old moz2_0.car file, moz*.zip
file, or java_3* file with the new java40.jar file supplied in this


So what I did the second time around... spawn netscape from an xterm
instead of using an icon. I believe the icon uses my startx terminal to
start itself, and obviously since i've been logged into X for 23 days
that's not going to be updated ;o)

It read off the correct classpath (with all those directories) BUT it
still didn't find java40.jar. What netscape wants is
/the/path/to/java40.jar including java40.jar at the end, otherwise it
just won't find it.

So I put CLASSPATH=/the/path/to/java40.jar; export CLASSPATH in
/etc/bashrc (it wouldn't work in /etc/profile for some stupid reason)
and it worked just fine which I am very glad for.

New problem: I don't know if java works. ;o) All the applets I've tried
to start just don't start. Netscape doesn't complain, the website
doesn't complain, I just don't see any applets.

Anyone know of any websites with java applets that start fine on your
linux machines? I have tried the schedulesurfer for my university
(schedulesurfer.wsu.edu) which after a few minutes doesn't appear to
load (I know it's a slow loading applet, but...).

Thanks for your help, Cathy :o)


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