[techtalk] more netscape woes...

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Thu Nov 11 15:01:44 EST 1999

Nicole Zimmerman wrote:
> > or if that doesn't work for any reason, since you *know*
> > what your CLASSPATH is set to, just do a
> >
> > setenv CLASSPATH <the other paths in your earlier post>:<path to java40.jar>
> hmm i'll try that... but I don't think classpath is an environment
> variable.
> I added
> CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/that/other/path/here/
> export CLASSPATH
> to my .bashrc
> and it gave me the exact same error about java40.jar.

same problem with the full path determined the same way...$CLASSPATH is
set to 


which is correct (includes all those dirs netscape wants), but netscape
doesn't seem to determine things by environment variables

i have restarted netscape every time i edited .bashrc ;o) 

guess it's time to dig up good ol' release notes! 


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