[techtalk] more netscape woes...

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Thu Nov 11 14:39:42 EST 1999

> or if that doesn't work for any reason, since you *know*
> what your CLASSPATH is set to, just do a
> setenv CLASSPATH <the other paths in your earlier post>:<path to java40.jar>

hmm i'll try that... but I don't think classpath is an environment

I added 

to my .bashrc

and it gave me the exact same error about java40.jar.

>         If you look in some of the setup scripts run at boot time,
> or (more likely) in the root cshrc/login scripts that are common
> to all users, you'll probably find that that's where CLASSPATH
> is "really" set, and editing it there would be the ideal solution.

Nope, no classpath in /etc/bashrc or /etc/profile... weird. I wonder how
it's set.

>         This probably isn't the "official" solution intended
> by the installer, but it should work. :-)

I'll try setting the full path that way... it might be tough though, I
have a cat attacking the cursor on my screen every 15 seconds... she's
sitting on the mousepad, so everytime she moves to go attack the cursor,
she moves the cursor. Must be perplexing ;o)


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