[techtalk] more netscape woes...

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Thu Nov 11 14:00:16 EST 1999

> and look at the output generated.  If you find a java40.jar
> somewhere on the disk, go edit your CLASSPATH.  Add the
> path you found to the end of the environment variable.  If
> you find something like java40.jar.tgz, you'll need to
> unzip and/or untar it before fixing CLASSPATH.


find: ./proc/5/fd: Permission denied

Sweet. :o)

WHERE do I edit "CLASSPATH"? It's gotta be something
netscape/java-internal, if I echo $CLASSPATH I get nothin.

>         If you don't find a java40.jar at all, then you are missing
> a package that includes such a file.  Unfortunately, I haven't
> a clue what that package might be.

That's what I was worried about... turns out that's not a problem
(thankfully!). I was digging for the netscape release notes when this
popped in.

> Explanation:
>         CLASSPATH is to Java what LD_LIBRARY_PATH is to native shared
> libraries.  When a Java program runs, it searches the CLASSPATH
> to find the *.class files (that is, the compiled files that
> your JVM can execute).  If a program needs *.class files that
> are not found in your CLASSPATH, you'll get the error above.
>         A *.jar file is just a Java ARchive, a single file that
> contains a bunch of *.class files.

Yeah, that's what I learned from the first chapter of "exploring java".
Unfortunately, that's about as far as I had time to get ;o)


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