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Cathy James cjames at opensite.com
Thu Nov 11 16:40:08 EST 1999

>When java tries to start, invariably it will come up with this error:
>"Unable to start a java applet: Can't find java40.jar in your 
>Read the release notes and install java40.jar properly before

Do the following.  I assume that "%" is your command prompt.

% su -
<enter your root password>
% cd /
% find . -name *java40.jar* -print

and look at the output generated.  If you find a java40.jar
somewhere on the disk, go edit your CLASSPATH.  Add the
path you found to the end of the environment variable.  If
you find something like java40.jar.tgz, you'll need to
unzip and/or untar it before fixing CLASSPATH.

	If you don't find a java40.jar at all, then you are missing
a package that includes such a file.  Unfortunately, I haven't
a clue what that package might be.

	CLASSPATH is to Java what LD_LIBRARY_PATH is to native shared
libraries.  When a Java program runs, it searches the CLASSPATH
to find the *.class files (that is, the compiled files that
your JVM can execute).  If a program needs *.class files that
are not found in your CLASSPATH, you'll get the error above.

	A *.jar file is just a Java ARchive, a single file that
contains a bunch of *.class files.

	--Cathy James

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