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Karl-Heinz Zimmer khz at snafu.de
Thu Nov 11 21:08:46 EST 1999

On 11/11/99, 3:39:53 PM, Amanda Owens wrote:

> Sun has a knowledge base for Star Office, as well as a
> news server (starnews.sun.com) with newsgroups for the
> different platforms and programs. These are useful, and
> worth a read if you're interested in Star Office.
> There's an installation FAQ on the newsgroup
> staroffice.com.support.announce that's worth reading
> before you go to the trouble of downloading the 70MB
> (or 7 10ish MB) file.

There's another way to get StarOffice: on the website
mentioned above you may order a CD for USD 10.- plus
shipping and handling, the total sum should not be too
much (at least if you don't order from outside USA).

Possibilities of ordering from Germany (Munich) are
being prepared and should be finished soon.

Best greetings,


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