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Jeanette Heidenberg jeanette at infa.abo.fi
Thu Nov 11 12:50:10 EST 1999

Hi all!

My experience with Applixware is the opposite of Lindsay's, so I thought
I'd share it. Me and my fiancee bought a version of Applixware a couple of
years ago, and I used it quite a lot back then. I had mostly used 
FrameMaker before, and found that Applixware could do most of the things
that FrameMaker could, and some of them even better. I especially like the
way Applix Words handles styles (in FrameMaker: paragraph formats). Styles
can be inherited from other styles, so if you e.g. want to change the font
size, you don't have to do it separately for each style, you can do it by
just changing the parent's font (provided the font is inherited).

I also loved the way you could configure shotcut keys just about any way
you like.

I can't remember Applixware ever crashing for me (and crashes is something
one tends to remember). The reason I don't use it as much any more, is
that I had to learn how to use LaTeX when I wrote my thesis. Now, LaTeX is
all I use, but it's a bit hard to learn (understatement of the week :-)
so for someone who doesn't need to write a lot of math, I would definitely
recommend Applixware.

I haven't used StarOffice at all, though, so I can't say wether it's
better or worse, but I know people who really love it and others who say
it crashes. It's free, though, so why not give it a try before buying


On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, Lindsay Walker wrote:

> I used Applixware a lot when I was working at Sun Micro and it drove me mad.
> It's not very stable and, compared to Star Office, its UI is terrible. I
> wouldn't pay the money for Applixware when you could get Star Office for
> free and its a much better product.
> Cheers,
> Lindsay

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