[techtalk] multibooting vs. VMWare?

Ingrid Schupbach ingrid at miranda.org
Tue Nov 9 08:53:35 EST 1999

> 3> a 3-way multiboot seems like an invitation to the ghods of chaos. I'm
> thinking about just installing Linux and using VMWare to run Win95/98
> and/or NT once I, um, acquire a CD for either of those. However, I have no
> experience with VMWare and whether it lives up to the marketing hype. 
> Anyone want to comment?

While VMWare is terrific as a way to keep around Windows software that
simply isn't available for Linux (in my case, Quicken), it's not so good
for games.  My SO and I have tried a number of games on our respective
Linux/VMWare pairings, but most of the nicer ones don't work well.  Riven
and Myst were totally unplayable (the sound kept skipping, and the video
ran into problems), and so was Ages of Empires.  The fancier the sound and
video stuff, the less likely it'll work on VMWare.

They're improving VMWare all the time, but right now it's still a bit
buggy.  I'd suggest you go for dual boot.  But I'll leave that stuff for
the more experienced Chix around here.  :)

Good luck (and congrats on the new machine!)


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